About Us

Night Crew Labs, LLC is an aerospace engineering technologies and creative media venture created in 2015. Its first video feature, “Grand Canyon from the Stratosphere!”, has reached over 7 million viewers and captivated audiences worldwide.

We are the leaders in launching high altitude balloons with state-of-the-art engineering technology and video equipment. At their peak altitudes, views from high altitude balloons provide the visuals of being in space, at a fraction of the cost to get there. Our balloons can ascend to above 99% of Earth’s atmosphere, where valuable engineering data and near space visuals can be collected.

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Mission Statement

Our mission at Night Crew Labs is to captivate audiences by showcasing Earth’s beauty from rarely-seen perspectives. We achieve this by integrating our custom engineering systems with leading-edge payloads.

In addition, Night Crew Labs conducts scientific research, promotes STEM outreach, and supports worldwide conservation efforts.



For business inquiries, contact marketing (at) nightcrewlabs (dot) com



Bryan Chan, PresidentLinkedinYouTube-icon

Bryan is the President of Night Crew Labs and has a background in space systems. He has worked on aerospace projects ranging from rockets to Mars entry vehicles at SpaceX, NASA­-JPL, and Space Systems Loral. He received his master’s degree in aerospace engineering from Stanford University, and his bachelor’s degree from Georgia Tech. Bryan enjoys bicycling, photography, and fixing things.

Contact: bryan (at) nightcrewlabs (dot) com




Ashish LinkedinAshish Goel

Ashish is a postdoctoral researcher in the Graduate Aerospace Laboratories at Caltech. He is working on Caltech’s Space Solar Power Initiative, focusing on system aspects of spacecraft and constellation design. He is also working on the design of electronic systems for the Autonomous Assembly of a Reconfigurable Space Telescope (AAReST) project. Ashish received his PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University where he developed sensors and techniques for the detection and characterization of meteoroids and orbital debris in space. Ashish’s main interests are in trajectory design, optimization and using different platforms for carrying out science measurements.

Contact: ashish (at) nightcrewlabs (dot) com


Tyler Reid

Tyler is a research scientist who likes be in the field and solve real-world problems. He currently works at Ford Motor Company on the autonomous vehicles team. He received his PhD from Stanford University in Aeronautics and Astronautics, is an alumnus of the International Space University, and has worked as a Software Engineer at Google.

Contact: tyler (at) nightcrewlabs (dot) com





RSnyder-2863Corey Snyder

Corey is an east coast transplant living in and loving the woods outside Palo Alto.  He spends most of his free time in the great outdoors, or at least driving to it. He is an alumnus of the NASA Academy. He graduated from West Virginia University and the University of Colorado at Boulder in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Contact: corey (at) nightcrewlabs (dot) com





PaulPaul Tarantino

Paul is a  Ph.D. candidate in the Space Environment and Satellite Systems Lab in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University. His research interests are in space related technologies and applications.

Contact: paul (at) nightcrewlabs (dot) com