Alaska: Above the Last Frontier

MARCH 2017 – We went to Fairbanks, Alaska with the ambition to take video of the northern lights from a high altitude balloon. This is our day flight from that mission.


Go For Launch with Adam Savage’s Tested

MARCH – NOVEMBER 2016 – We worked with Adam Savage and his team at Tested to recreate the Apollo reentry profile by dropping a replica capsule from the stratosphere and deploying parachutes at an altitude of 24,000 feet. We also took some night footage over the San Francisco Bay Area.


The Golden State From The Stratosphere

SEPTEMBER 25, 2016 – Our flight over the California Central Valley. We launched 80 miles west of Yosemite National Park as a test flight for our Apollo Mission. On this cloudless day in September, we had sweeping views of the Sierra Nevada Range, Yosemite Valley, and California farms, all captured above an altitude of 70,000 feet.



From Space With Love

FEBRUARY 14, 2016 – Our Valentine’s Day mission in the Mojave desert of California. We launched love notes along with two smartwatches to the edge of space and back.



San Francisco: Above the Clouds

OCTOBER 2015 to FEBRUARY 2016 – Our high altitude balloon mission over the San Francisco Bay Area. This mission flew 5 cameras in all, including the low light capable Sony a7S. Two storm fronts gave us a very short launch window, forcing us to thread the needle by landing between two mountain ranges. 

SF full


Grand Canyon from the Stratosphere

JUNE 2013 to SEPTEMBER 2015 – Our high altitude balloon mission over the Grand Canyon. This mission tested principles of fluid lensing as well as the capability of smartphones to perform GPS navigation at high altitudes. Due to some unforeseen events, we lost track of our balloon and didn’t get back until a hiker came across it two years later.


Amphibious California Mission

MAY 2011 – Our first high altitude balloon mission launched from Gilroy, California. This mission tested the capability of a smartphone to track a weather balloon using GPS. This turned into an adventure where we unexpectedly landed in a lake and had to chase down a fisherman to get it back.

Spectators during launch preparation


Future Projects


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