San Francisco: Above the Clouds

Following the success of the Grand Canyon balloon project, the Night Crew Labs team comprising Bryan Chan, Ashish Goel, Tyler Reid, Paul Tarantino and Corey Snyder started working on their next big dream of imaging the northern lights in Alaska. We quickly realized that large aperture cameras with good low-light performance would be needed to capture the beauty of the aurorae on a moving platform. We tested our new low light capable platform with a launch in the San Francisco Bay Area, close to where we all live, work and study. The goal was to do a full systems test and identify any problems in the design before attempting a night launch in the extreme cold of the remote Alaskan wilderness. We were excited to see where we live and share the beautiful Bay Area from high altitudes. Please see the project’s webpage for the video, pictures, and details of the mission!

-Night Crew Labs team

SF full

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