Aurora Borealis: Visions from the Stratosphere

March 2017 – The NCL team traveled to Alaska with the ambition to take video of the northern lights from a high altitude balloon, a feat that has never been successfully accomplished before. This was one of the major goals in forming Night Crew Labs in October 2015.

After many local test flights in California, several design iterations, and much planning we went to Alaska to do just that.

The Night Crew arrived in Fairbanks, AK on March 17, 2017 and began our balloon flight campaign. We planned for up to four separate balloon flights, allowing for several day and night launches over Fairbanks. We chose March, near the vernal equinox, as it is the optimal time to see the Aurora Borealis due to the right combination of clear skies and space weather near Fairbanks. This is part II of the story: the night launch campaign. Read more…

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