Balloon Time Over Meteor Crater

May of 2016 – Tom Haylock, Trevor Morris, Tyler Reid (of Night Crew Labs), and Ian Silversides teamed up to launch a high altitude balloon from Meteor Crater in Arizona. All alumni of the 2011 International Space University’s (ISU) Space Studies Program (SSP), they wanted to fly to near space and capture one of the most iconic meteor impact sites on Earth. Traveling from Alberta, Quebec, California, and Germany, months of planning culminated in a two day build in a hotel room in Phoenix, AZ. This involved buying supplies, writing last minute software, building the payload housing, integration and testing. On launch day, the team had a mishap which resulted in a lost balloon and insufficient helium for a second try. They pulled together and improvised a second launch the next day. All systems functioned as intended and was a complete success. The camera equipment onboard was two GoPro Hero 4 Blacks, a Hero 4 Session, and a custom thermal imaging camera based on a Raspberry Pi. Thanks to Adrien Perkins for getting the balloon tracking radio system up and running and to the staff at Meteor Crater for being kind enough to allow a launch at the crater rim. Check out the video complied by Ian Silversides below.

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